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Are you excited about our artists and what they do? Are you enthusiastic about our work yourself? Would you like to donate something? It's very easy. You can use the tip function with your order or via PayPal.  Please write in the subject for whom you donate so we can sort it out. 100% of the donation goes to the artists. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a donation receipt. We are very sorry.

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Are you looking for an investment opportunity?

Are you looking for a new investment opportunity? Then you've come to the right place! Battl Victory Records (record label, music publisher & amp; artist management) was founded in Switzerland in 2015 and is now also based in Germany and the USA. They have over 10 artists under contract. These come from the United States, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and other countries. We operate completely independently and are not subject to any major label. We employ several freelancers support our artists. Together we have already been able to get our musicians into the charts and win gold records as awards. We are officially affiliated with GEMA, GVL, ASCAP and other collecting societies and music associations such as B. IFPI, VDM,...

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Unfortunately, it has become sad truth that borders are closed, flights are canceled and life is practically still. The corona virus has become a pandemic and nobody expected it. Like you, we at Battl Victory Records struggle with it. Of course we are still available for you personally and our shop is still accessible. Due to the daily changing regulations by the governments of this world, we have decided to do something against "social distancing" or quarantine. Our downloads are now 50% cheaper with the code 'COVID-19', which you simply enter when you check out. Why do we use this code of all things? It may seem a little disturbing. We agree with you there. But has a simple background....

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